An update - and some music I like!

An update – and some music I like!

Hi everyone!

I thought I’d post an update and let everyone know what I’m up to.   I’ll divide it into 3 areas : stuff I’m listening to for inspiration, material I’m working on and a bit of musical learning I’m doing…

In terms of listening, first I’ve been maxing-out on singer-songwriters – partly for pure enjoyment, partly for inspiration and partly for possible material to cover in my new set.  Here’s a Spotify playlist I’ve been putting together. Hope you enjoy…

I’ve also been listening to quite a bit of solo acoustic guitar.  I’m including solo guitar played on archtop semi-acoustics by the likes of Martin Taylor. Too good and too inspiring too exclude! Here’s another playlist:

Both these playlist will be evolving over coming weeks.  So please do check back or follow them on Spotify if you’re interested.

Material I’m working on really falls into 3 categories: new songs I’m writing, old self-penned songs I’m adapting (or re-writing) and covers I’m looking at doing.

I have 6 new songs  on the go. I hope to finish a couple of these in the next couple of days.  I’ll post rough recordings in due course.

I’ve also “finished” adapting two of my old SkyHunter songs: “More To Life Than Rock & Roll” and “Need Another Shot”. There should be recordings of these up online next week if things go to plan.

This brings me to cover material – and another playlist. You will notice a lot of the material on the playlist isn’t obvious solo acoustic stuff – although there is also a lot there that is. It is also eclectic, which reflects how my thinking is going at the moment. To my mind a good song is a good song – and I don’t want to be bound by genres. So you will find folksy ballads, country, blues, jazz standards and more all rubbing shoulders. Not sure how many of these I’ll end up actually doing… again, I hope to make some recordings of me performing and post them for your feedback. In the meantime, enjoy these versions!

This brings me finally to the learning I’ve been doing.   I wanted to radically improve my fingerstyle guitar chops. When I found that Martin Taylor was offering online tuition I could think of no finer teacher! Any guitar players who want to learn fingerstyle guitar from a true master could do a lot worse than check-out this site!  By the way, don’t take this as a sign I am planning to become a full-on “jazzer”. I just figured if I can manage this stuff surely my all-round playing will be that much better!

Feedback on any of this, as always, very much welcomed.

Catch up again soon!