How time flies ... much to share... sorry blog for neglecting you!

How time flies … much to share… sorry blog for neglecting you!

Hello! Having been busy in many ways, I have let updates to this news feed slide. Sorry for that!

I will aim to rectify that with a number of separate posts. However, in summary:

The Martin Smith Band has indeed come into being and undergone a couple of personnel changes (and a brief change of name) in the last couple of years. Until the coming of Covid-19 we were playing regular gigs. Can’t wait to get things up-and-running again, once circumstances allow.

Just ahead of the Covid outbreak (what great timing that was!) the Martin Smith Band embarked on a spin-off project. Corazon is a Santana tribute project. That was due to make its live debut just when the coronavirus came along. We’ve managed to make a couple of videos during lockdown. More news on those in separate posts.

Surrey and South London Music Club was going from strength to strength pre-Covid. Of course, that remains temporarily closed at time of writing. We look forward to a grand re-opening, once it is safe again.

As a spin-off from the club, I’ve taken to doing a monthly music podcast. You can find that on Mixcloud here.

Most recently, I’ve taken to dusting off my crooning and musical theatre skills. I’ve had a go at singing some classic songs with a vintage flavour. I’ve posted results of a couple on my Facebook page.

I’ll aim to provide some more detailed updates on the above over the coming days.

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