Corazon - a fond tribute to Santana

Corazon – a fond tribute to Santana

Another post to help bring the news on this blog post up-to-date.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Carlos Santana. Those latin beats and that trademark, singing guitar sound have greatly influenced my musical tastes and my own style of playing.

Forming a Santana tribute band has been something I’ve pondered for some years. Last year I decided to take the plunge. I was fortunate that the other guys in The Martin Smith Band shared my enthusiasm. We also happened to know a very good latin percussionist – whom we duly brought into the fold.

Rehearsals went well and we were all lined-up to give the new project a live outing … the along comes Covid-19!

Ah well, we managed to collaborate remotely to put together a couple of videos. Links to these below. As the restrictions of Covid look set to ease as we move into the middle of 2021 and beyond, hopefully we can get the band back together and get the project back on track.

Here’s a couple of videos produced by the band. Hope you enjoy.

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