Crooner Chronicles up to #10

Crooner Chronicles up to #10

I’ve just added my 10th video post to the growing Crooner Chronicles saga.

You can find the videos in a Youtube playlist here.

The series started back in February when I decided to venture back into a style of singing I’ve neglected for a while – and record the results!

There’s a bit of rustiness there, for sure. Things like breath control aren’t quite at the level they were a few years ago. The vibrato on some notes is a bit wider and less controlled. However, practice should help smooth out some of the glitches. I did think my vocal range might have changed with age – but it doesn’t seem to have yet. I’m still essentially a baritone with the ability to venture tentatively into tenor territory when pressed.

Anyway, I’m enjoying the process and I think I’ll carry on for a while yet. It’s a great opportunity to tackle some great old songs and hopefully improve my vocal technique along the way.

Here’s song number 10. “Nice ‘n’ Easy” a great ballad with a lovely relaxed swing arrangement on the backing track. Essentially, it echoes the version Frank Sinatra recorded back in 1960.

There’s also a Crooner Chronicles Facebook story, where I’m posting the videos.