Retrospective: SkyHunter

Retrospective: SkyHunter

As I embark on a journey as a solo acoustic performer, I thought it would be nice to look back a bit to more “rocky” days and draw a (not too permanent) line before moving on.   I have fond memories of SkyHunter.  We were at our most active from around 2005 to 2008 and, although I say it myself, we rocked!

The seminal line-up was Ian Gilbertson (guitar), Bill Major (bass), Freya Page (drums) and myself providing lead guitar and vocals.

We made our way into the recording studio to cut an album  just the once.  It was mostly original material – primarily written by me.  Ian Gilbertson provided the original lyrics for “Billy” and “Slow Train” was mostly his work.  We also covered Free’s “Fire & Water”.

Listening to the tracks again is interesting.  There were some good songs and I will definitely be continuing to perform many of them moving forward.  There is certainly a variety – although you could say they are all broadly “blues rock” or “classic rock” of some sort.  You could perhaps say that we lacked our own, identifiable sound.

“Slaves to Time” and “More to Life (than Rock & Roll) ” show the Led Zeppelin influence big time.  “Betrayal” is essentially me indulging my Santana fetish. “I Keep Coming Back for More” has a catchy hook and a hint of soul/R&B. I guess that’s Free and Whitesnake showing their hand?  “Billy” has an epic, almost a prog feel and perhaps a hint of the Who?   …and so on…

Anyhow, I’ve assembled a bunch of our tracks on this Soundcloud playlist.  Have a listen, enjoy and (if you feel inclined) vote for your favourite.



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