What to tell you about the Martin Smith Band? I can start by telling you I feel blessed to be playing alongside such a talented bunch of guys. Every performance and every rehearsal is a real pleasure. I hope you enjoy watching and listening to us as much as I enjoy being up on stage with this band! They are all seasoned musicians and their experience and ability shines through. I find my playing and singing are inspired and improved by being part of it. Let me start with the rhythm section: Martin Ordish on the drums and Louis Lefrancois on the bass. These guys are connoisseurs and students of the great R&B rhythm sections that played on the hits of Motown, Stax, Muscle Shoals etc. infectious groove that really gets your feet moving. Now we come to Roland Kemp on keys. Having a keyboard man like Roland really adds that extra dimension to our sound. He is really versatile but I love it when really nails that R&B organ sound. Think of the likes of Booker T Ward, Georgie Fame etc. and you’ll get a sense of the sound I mean. He is no mean vocalist either. Then up-front we have me. The guy who likes to look good and grab the glory! The chief influences on my guitar playing, as well as the great bluesmen such as BB and Albert King, are guys such as Robben Ford who bring a cool, jazzy edge to their blues. Collectively we play music that ranges across the R&B spectrum from classic blues and soul through to blues-influenced bands such as Santana. There is an unashamedly and (we like to think) cool retro vibe to our set. Throughout we seek to provide music that pleases your ears and moves your feet. We hope to see you at one of our gigs soon!  Martin

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