The club welcomes enquiries from artists and musicians interested in playing at one of our live events. However, before you contact us, please make yourself aware of the following key points:

  • This is a new venture, just looking to get off the ground, so we need to work collaboratively with artists to make sure everyone gets a good result. That means we cannot commit to paying any artists or bands a fixed appearance fee. All payment will necessarily be on the basis of entrance money made by the event. We aim to be fair and transparent. We will aim to keep our costs low – and the lion’s share of any money made will go to the artists appearing.   NB  We are not asking artists to pay anything – nor are we asking you to commit to selling a minimum of tickets … or anything like that.
  • We aim to keep the entrance costs to our events reasonable and realistic with a view to attracting a good size audience.  The capacity of the Soper Hall venue is 100 people – maybe slightly more at a push. We are happy to discuss and reach an agreement with you on audience entry charges. However, please be realistic about your “pulling power” and your expectations about how many punters you can get through the door at a given price.
  • Vocalists/solo artists are very welcome to approach us about appearing and working with our “house band”.  No solo artists or duos working with backing tracks please.  We want this to be a “true” live music club. Acoustic solo acts and duos are very welcome. However, you would likely be performing as support rather than the main act.
  • Note the genre of the club. We embrace a wide interpretation of “Rhythm & Blues”. However, not to the point of stretching credulity.  Soul, blues, funk and classic R&B are definitely within the remit.  Some jazz would qualify, also ska/blue-beat and the bluesier end of blues-rock. There are no hard and fast rules – but you’re unlikely to get to play if, for example, you’re a hard rock outfit.
  • Tribute acts: we can envisage the occasional tribute night – just not too many of them.  So yes, we are interested in hearing from you.
  • Quality: you need to be of a standard where punters are happy to pay to see you and the reputation of the club is not compromised.  No acts will be booked without some evidence that they can “cut the mustard”.  Please provide links to video and audio (preferably live performance). We definitely would like to give exposure to new names and the “up-and-coming”  – but no beginners or “chancers” please.

If you are interested in playing, please contact us through the form below: