This page shows the results of our ongoing survey about likes and preferences.  Survey responses are completely anonymous and they give us vital feedback to help us shape the club and what it offers.  So, if you haven’t already, please click the link below to go to Survey Monkey and participate.  It should take less than 4 minutes of your time.  Thanks!

RESULTS TO DATE  (last updated 2 June 2018)

Note: The charts below are screen grabs.  Don’t try clicking on the “Customise” and “Export” buttons – because they won’t work!

Q1: How do you follow the club?    Based on responses, most of our followers keep up-to-date through our Facebook page and group.


Q2: What music do our followers like?    It looks like we are mostly blues lovers.  Classic R&B also has quite a few fans.  Interesting that blues-rock is a popular choice.  Soul also has a healthy following.

Q3: Level of interest in attending events.    Perhaps not surprisingly, folks responding the survey have some level of interest in coming to club events.  It’s nice to see there’s a good chunk who express an interest in coming regularly.

Q4:  Where do folks live?   Respondents are fairly well scattered across the Surrey and South London area.  A significant proportion live in the east end  of Surrey from Epsom & Ewell through to Tandridge.  Understandable given the current club nights are running in Caterham.

Q5:  Where would folks travel to for a live music event?   These results would seem to show there is some willingness to travel off your “home turf” to come to a club event.